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-OCW has announced that 3 legends will be inducted into the OCW Hall of Fame

​​-OCW prepares for a night of Disorderly Conduct on March 22

​​-The Steel Cage & Ladder Matches return to OCW on March 22 

-OCW will announce the date for the Grandest Stage in OCW History on March 22, so pre-plan now!

-David Kane & "Infamous" Double J claims to have "no competition" in regards to holding the OCW World Championship

-3 championships, 3 top tag teams, 4 title belts, & 1 ladder will decide it all on March 22

-OCW has announced that due to certain markets only getting Strictly OCW, the REPLAY of every Sunday night broadcast will NOW be available to watch on YouTube on Tuesday nights @ 11pm EST worldwide!

​​-The Sinners continue their path of destruction

-Scotty Graham & Loose Cannon continue their journey for revenge against Team 'N Control'

-LA Hustlers, Full Throttle, & 4 other unnamed teams ALL being considered by OCW Management as the top teams in the future to wrestle for the World Tag Team Belts


Why is Scotty Graham debuting in, Mike Noles & multiple legends returning to OCW?

​​Why are multiple people coming out of the audience to either help wrestlers or get airtime on our national broadcasts?  Why aren't OCW security doing their jobs?

​​Who was that guy who helped Freezer Thompson fight off the Arkansas' First Family?​

​​What impact does the "Infamous" Double J, Hobo Hank, & Hotwire have on OCW going forward?

Who will challenge David Kane for the OCW World Championship?​​​​​

​​Who will be the team outside OCW to challenge for the World Tag Team Belts?

​Does the 'female attraction' impact the company in a positive or negative way?​​

Why is Boss aligned with Full Throttle, that led to a Bryer Walker & Kid Dynamite return?

​​​​Which big-name veteran(s) will show up to OCW unexpectedly?

​​Who's on UPSET ALERT this week?​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What's in store for OCW in 2014?

(Do your research before responding.)​

Don't hold back!  Give us your best shot.  There are no right or wrong answers here!  It's your freakin' opinion!

Email your answers to our man, "Cornbread" Chris Heineken, at:  ​​​​

​​Get involved with Outta Control!!!!​​​​
 Hey LADIES!  Listen UP!!!
Wanna be a part of the Outta Control Movement?  Don't wanna be left out? Tired of the guys hogging your spotlight?
OCW is NOW accepting applications for FEMALE trainees! (Sorry guys, you don't qualify.)  Come on down to Flatlanders every Saturday night & see/contact either Mike or Raylene for more info & APPLY NOW!!!!

TIMELINE to Recovery:

​​​​​​RESULTS -- March 8, 2014    Flatlanders-Hoxie, AR

Dracon, TJ Wells, & Chaz Clark wrestled to a controversial NO CONTEST

Slam wrestled Raylene to another controversial NO CONTEST​ 

Scotty Graham def. Lazer​

Slam wrestled Loose Cannon to yet another controversial NO CONTEST

After a returning Boss aligns himself back with Full Throttle that led to a Bryer Walker & Kid Dynamite return........
-Bryer Walker, Kid Dynamite, & Scotty Graham def. Boss & Full Throttle​

In perhaps the strangest main event in OCW history, 
-Donner, Bearcat Brown, & Jamie Heinzman wrestled to ANOTHER controversial NO CONTEST.
And after Dracon, TJ Wells, & Chaz Clark hit the ring, the matchmakers decided on a over-the-top-rope 6-man battle royal. Close to the ending of the match, Bearcat Brown landed on his head on the protective mats, possibly leading to a broken neck & jammed spine! It was very scary & close to career-ending! The referees did the right thing & threw the entire match & night OUT!​​

Please join us worldwide for a Special Strictly OCW Broadcast on Sunday Night, March 23, @ 11pm EST!

On that night, OCW will present a special Sunday night broadcast that will feature an "ALL-STAR" Lineup of matches & will feature a WWE Hall of Famer vs. an Arkansas legend!  Yes, a WWE Hall of Famer will be on this program!

In addition to those matches, we will announce on the broadcast the very 1st inductees into the Outta Control Wrestling Hall of Fame, plus a music video you will enjoy!  So please, whatever you have to do, call your friends, call your neighbors, your grocery store clerks, your deodorant salesman, church members, strip club owners, etc., and tell them to join us for Strictly OCW on March 23! It will be awesome & off the charts crazy!​​

​Join us each & every Sunday night for Strictly OCW!  All you have to do is go to the Home page of THIS website & click on the TV​​​​​ banner square under the sponsors box to watch OCW! Always go to & our human encyclopedia of wrestling, Chris Heineken, will give you a link to the newest episode every Sunday! And a Special Note, due to certain markets getting Strictly OCW at its regular time on Sundays, the REPLAY of the Sunday night broadcasts are NOW AVAILABLE on YouTube every Tuesday night @ 11pm EST! Go to and search "Strictly OCW" for any or all episodes! Please make sure that you have the right internet web browser(s) in use so you won't be left out on Sunday nights & Tuesday nights!
OCW presents Disorderly Conduct LIVE! on Saturday, March 22, 2014,
​starting at 8pm EST (that's 7pm Local CST & Hoxie time)!  Doors open @ 6pm, with tickets being "5 Freakin' Dollars!" Tickets will be available at the door.

Relax the rules & change the format because Hoxie, AR's most controversial sports product, OCW, is back to unleash chaos upon all who enter and experience Disorderly Conduct!​

​​Check out these 2 BIG MATCHES already officially signed for March 22:​
YES, it's the STEEL CAGE SHOWDOWN:  Lazer & Slam vs. Loose Cannon & Scotty Graham!

It's NOT the Price is Right, but it's the ONLY way to hopefully settle this rivalry! No other stipulation would do it justice​​ other than a Steel Cage Showdown!

Since Scotty Graham debuted in OCW back in January, Loose Cannon has had backup, but he could never truly eliminate the numbers game when it comes to Team 'N Control.'  Now he has his chance at revenge.  However, keep this in mind:  The last time Loose Cannon was in a steel cage, he lost the Legends title to Lazer at Hallowrestle 2013 thanks to the numbers game. Now, it's a much different story than October 26 of last year.​​
Here's the 2nd Major Match Signed for March 22:
The Sinners               vs.           The Pain Train
clark & Heinzman​
This triangle rivalry started over the World Tag Team Championships.  Try to follow us with this story:  The Sinners are THE World Tag Team Champions, Chaz Clark is the officially recognized Heritage Champion, Jamie Heinzman is the officially recognized US Champion, and the Pain Train are 2 hungry athletes craving gold & championships!  In other words, they are two starving lunatics!  Got it, yet?

Now this 6-pack rivalry has escalated into a ​​"What title you grab is what title you get" type of ladder match.  Tag teams can be possibly split & unholy odd teams could form, or a possible singles run could put either one into major top contention of the OCW World Championship.

This issue and a whole lot more will be settled at the 3rd annual Disorderly Conduct event!  "5 freakin' dollars" will get you in & showtime is at 7pm local CST (8pm EST)!  Don't miss it!!!!!​​
3 Teams, 3 Titles, 4 Belts, & 1 Ladder Decides It ALL!